Friday 25 July 2008

Moneyspyder uptime in '08 so far

The data is in.

We've just finished collating our uptime data up to the end of July and it looks pretty good.

So far we have avoided unscheduled downtime. On average we are running all our clients at 99.9% uptime with only scheduled downtime accounting for the 0.1%.

How do we do this?

The application of rigorous software engineering practices and procedures is a must of course. Even with the best architecture and technology infrastructure, by not applying solid procedural control over development, testing and deployment one's business and therefore clients will be screwed....badly.

We happen to have the first rate technology (Ruby on Rails) and infrastructure (Engine Yard, Brightbox and Slicehost) in place also. Cost effective, smart, reliable, fast and secure. What more could you ask for?

Couple these elements with a cool, clever and passionate team and the prospects for maintaining a solid service are looking very good!