Wednesday 27 August 2008

Test test test!

Why do we (royal we) spend so much time arguing over the minute details on websites, pages, page sections and even at the level of individual images? We (again, all of us) must have spent hours in the past, to-ing and fro-ing over the meeting room table offering (forcing!) opinions based on feel and subjective judgement...sometimes even based on experience!

It takes a lot of time though. Not everyone comes up with the right answer every time. What is the right answer though? Well, logically, it's what your customers/users say is the right answer. Your customers will tell you the right answer by voting with their hard cash. Thing is, investing in change can be risky and expensive.

Bringing an end to the long meeting room wrangles, mitigating risk and justifying ROI before hand is actually easier than you might think...mostly ;-)

Moneyspyder has invested serious amounts of time tailoring our unique Rails based e-commerce platform to cater for A/B split and multivariate testing using the Google Website Optimiser coupled with our in house analytics capabilities and Google Analytics.

We have run multiple experiments using the A/B, multivariate and multivariate A/B models (yup, all different models). We have tuned the platform to enable rapid test rollout and enhanced reporting for all our clients. This is a key feature of the platform - enabling all clients on the platform to benefit from enhancements made to the core 'flexshop' product.

So, now, rather than chew over contentious details ad nauseum, we take the option that saves time and money and gets the right result every's not always the result you expect but it is the answer that is given directly by your customers SO LISTEN TO THEM!!!

All together now, 'TEST TEST TEST'!

Happy testing ;-)

Tuesday 19 August 2008