Thursday 18 December 2014

Best Ecommerce Articles From Around The Web this December

It's nearly time to put your feet up and enjoy a holiday. And what better way to relax than with some light holiday reading? With that in mind, why not take a look at our collection of 'top predictions for 2015' articles:

  1. Web Design Trends - UX, tiled navigation and flat design will dominate. Full list here.
  2. SEO trends for 2015: What does the future hold? - how to stay on top of Google next year. Read here.
  3. 5 eCommerce tech trend predictions for 2015 - Stay ahead of technological advancement here.
  4. The Expert View - 19 of the biggest names in eCommerce share their predictions for next year here.  

     ...and for some light Christmas relief...
      5.  Customer journey from search to checkout: Christmas Jumper Special here 

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Turn Last Posting Day Into Your Biggest Christmas Move

It's December and Christmas is practically upon us. The next few weeks provide a huge opportunity for almost all retailers to end the year on a high.
  • Tip 1 - Is your last posting date prominent all over your website? Many of your customers - from emails, PPC, SEO, referral - will land on product pages and category pages. Having the last posting dates on your delivery details page, or your home page isn't enough. 
MoneySpyder's clients all experienced growth on last year in November sales and there's a good feeling about December. Aside from making sure your servers don't overload and your warehouse printer is full of paper, there is still plenty you can do to make sure you get the most out of December.
  • Tip 2 - Update your PPC ad copy, email campaigns, and social media with your last posting dates - Don't let anyone miss out on buying from you because they didn't know when the last posting date was.
One key demographic to target are the panic buyers and for them, the most important thing to communicate is your final posting date. 
  • Tip 3 - Up-Sell your postage options - Can you offer guaranteed delivery after everybody else? Can you offer Saturday delivery? Use all your delivery options to your advantage. Running a last minute offer on express delivery may be the difference between an online sale, or your customer going elsewhere.
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