Thursday 17 January 2019

Indigoblue - Digital Marketing Case Study

Indigoblue are leaders in Agile business transformation and training. They were looking for help with their SEO and PPC, and improving their overall web presence.

What We Did

We worked with Indigoblue to identify the core terms that defined their business. Having defined these terms we then used them to streamline their on-site keywords, as well as their PPC campaigns.
We also helped them transition to a new website. This included updating SEO elements, fixing crawl errors and redirecting old links to relevant new pages. Monthly 'mentoring' meetings keep the in-house web and marketing improvements moving forward.


We were able to transition to the new site with no loss of SEO ranking. In fact we have seen a 25% increase in SEO traffic YoY and a 20% increase in new users across the site. PPC traffic is up 47%, with costs down 17% compared to last year.
The increase in traffic has not been huge but there has been a change in quality and relevance of the traffic. This is the key difference. Our keyword research and on-site positioning for SEO means that the traffic is now more qualified and more likely to convert, meaning much greater value for marketing spend.
Our approach to digital mentoring would suit any B2B or B2C business that is looking for a sustained improvement in marketing performance, or that is looking to navigate their way through large scale changes such as a new website.