Thursday 13 July 2017

The Best Ecommerce Articles from July

In case you need something to read on holiday, here are some great articles about what's happening in the world of ecommerce:
  • It can be hard to communicate with designers so that you get exactly what you want. This great article outlines how to write an effective design brief. From Quba, here.
  • From Ecommerce Masterplan, this great podcast interview gives great insight into growing a multimillion pound business. See here.
  • How are you innovating with your delivery options to compete with the biggest stores? Tesco is introducing one hour delivery. From Business Insider, here.
  • From Bloomberg Technology, Amazon is joining companies like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club and entering the subscription box market. An interesting view here of how the biggest retailer of them all is getting serious about clothing - here
  • The real trick to boosting conversion rates is to get your proposition right. This interesting article offers some thoughts on how to position your brand to drive more sales. From Econsultancy, here.