Wednesday 19 December 2012

Moneyspyder Feature In Econsultancy's Ecommerce Platform Buyers Guide

Here at MoneySpyder we are happy to announce that our ecommerce platform has been selected at one of Econsultancy’s Featured Platform Suppliers. This is the fourth year we’ve featured in the guide. You can find more details here: 


Platform Developments

MoneySpyder has had a great year and have moved our ecommerce platform technology forward leaps and bounds.


Responsive Mobile Templates 

In 2012 mobile commerce really took off. Mobile traffic volumes for our clients increased more than 100% compared to 2011. We’ve started updating our existing clients’ sites to give them responsive mobile templates and from 2013 all our new clients will get responsive mobile design as standard.

Google recommend responsive design as the best way to optimise your site for mobile. Simply put, with responsive design your site looks different for different resolutions. This removes the issues caused by other solutions such as having separate domains for mobile.

This is a good blog post from Google that explains a bit more about responsive design:


Cloud Hosting

In 2012 we have started moving our clients’ onto cloud hosting. Cloud hosting means you only pay for what you use. So instead of paying for dedicated server space all year round, you can save money when your site is quiet and easily expand your capacity at busy times like Christmas.

Not only is this an elegant hosting solution, it has also slashed hosting bills for our clients by 60%.


Get in Touch

MoneySpyder’s Bespoke Ecommerce Platform  is a perfect solution for companies wishing to expand in 2013. Email for more information.