Monday 4 January 2010

Moneyspyder exceeds targets in 2009.

Happy New Year!

Last year was certainly a good one - 2010 is set to be even better. It'll be Spring soon - warmer weather, more daylight and more records to break.

Moneyspyder exceeded many targets last year. We were delighted with the resilience and scalability of all our clients' sites during the festive period (as were our clients!). The run up to Christmas saw new ground broken in terms of scalability, performance and transactional throughput.

Overall, 2009 saw 99.96% uptime across all our clients. Bearing in mind that the majority of that miserly amount of downtime was planned. Our twice monthly scheduled upgrades of sites are timed and performed with precision so as to maximise effect and return whilst minising interruption and downtime. We don't miss opportunities to introduce new A/B and Multivariate tests with Google Website Optimiser based on our deep dive analytics.

It has to be said that our infrastructure partners played a huge part in our success during 2009. A 'big shout out' to Site Confidence for the monitoring and uptime reporting and especially Engine Yard for the AWESOME Rails hosting. We're delighted to be part of Engine Yard's Select Partner Programme and look forward to moving onwards an upwards with all our client's and partners in 2010!