Friday 24 May 2013

Supplier Focus: Metapack - Better Fulfilment for Ecommerce Websites

Our ecommerce platform with a number of great suppliers. Metapack automatically selects which courier to use for different packages from a list of couriers that you select. It looks at the weight and size of the item being sent as well as where it's going and picks the best courier to send it.

This is great for getting the best deal and saving money on delivery but it is also great for a number of other reasons: our clients have seen a reduction in customer service calls, increased dispatch rates, and reduction of staff needed for their warehouse due to increased packing speed.

You could benefit from an improved warehouse operation in the following ways:

  • Reduce incoming call centre calls - More satisfied customers means fewer calls.
  • Increase dispatch rate and reduce overheads.
  • Exponentially increase the number of orders processed per day.
  • Reduce number of staff needed to pack.

See our Partners page for a full list of companies we recommend.

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Friday 17 May 2013

5 Conversion Optimisation Tips for your Ecommerce Platform

The Sheerluxe B2B Conference is a great way to meet and learn from other luxury brands and their suppliers. Last month James Aston, our MD, spoke on the role of common sense and discipline in increasing conversion rates. He looked at five things you should have done last year, but haven't.

How many of these things are you avoiding doing because you're unsure of the data? Or because you simply haven't got around to it yet? We believe that one of the biggest ways we add value to our clients is by helping to instil discipline and by making sure that common sense solutions don't fall by the wayside.

Which of these five things does your site currently do?
  1.     Responsive Mobile Design
  2.     Customer On-page Reviews
  3.     Abandoned Basket Emails
  4.     Best Practice Design Updates
  5.     Third Party Checkouts and Shopping Feeds
You can download a summary of James' presentation here.

Time to move ecommerce platform? If your site doesn't do these things and you know it's going to cost you a lot of money and take ages to get this done on your current platform, it sounds like you could use a new website.

Our platform comes with the full range of ecommerce solutions. We pride ourselves on our track record of helping mulit-channel and ecommerce companies grow. We'll provide you with a service tailored to your needs; one that's flexible enough to allow you to make changes to your site as and when you need them.

Friday 10 May 2013

Best Ecommerce Articles from Around the Web - May Edition

Just in case you were looking for some light weekend reading we thought we would give you a round up of some of the most useful articles and blog posts we've read this week.

So if you need a bit of inspiration for your site content or need to brush up on your Analytics look no further:

  1. Eight Silly Data Myths Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired - Analytics guru Avinash Kaushik gives a robust view of the do's and don'ts of making decisions based on data. Read here.
  2. The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing - An in-depth guide to planning and executing your content strategy. Useful even if you don't get past the Contents page. Read here.
  3. Six Case Studies and Infographics on the Optimal Time to Send Emails - Less than 50% of companies test when they should send their emails. Read here.
  4. The Small Business Guide to Youtube - Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world. This article will help you make the most out of it. Read here.
  5. Debunking the Myths of Big Data - A short but sweet reminder to keep things simple when it comes to writing and tracking your emails from Adestra. Read here.
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