Monday 26 November 2007

Increasing sales on Beautifulpure

Crikey! Things never stand still at Moneyspyder and we have the data to prove it! Whilst we have seen great success in ramping up DC4U (an established company and brand) we have also been building and refining Beautifulpure.

Starting out as client number one there was no existing site to build on - just great a fresh new idea and a blank canvas. Beautifulpure went live in May and has been in refinment since...but in a controlled data driven 'Moneyspyer' way.

Over the next few posts I'll tell you about three exercises that we engaged in:

Statistical Significance of Featured Categories

The homepage image chosen for the launch of Beautifulpure was a safe bet:
Early homepage image
The Guernsey beach scene was chosen to reflect the home of Beautifulpure. Fine, it looks inviting and reflects the brand values.

Let's see what happened when a new brand was featured on the homepage. On September 8th a new brand appeared on the site - Korres Natural Products. From the 8th to 23rd of September, daily page views were average - as expected. Then we did this:
Featured Brand

Page views from September 24th to October 13th more than doubled. That's a healthy increase in 'eyes on screen' but sales in Korres products more than doubled during this time and have continued to increase despite the homepage image featuring other brands.

Now this sounds like obvious stuff but Moneyspyder make this type of change easy, fast and cost effective. The last point is crucial: Though this may be a simple demonstration we know the ROI from this initiative. We know this works and has long term value. Compelling stuff? We will continue...

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