Thursday 29 May 2008


We recently signed up through EngineYard for the NewRelic beta programme. What a revelation!

We are no longer digging through log files for all the important (but hard to find) data on bottlenecks or benchmarking data. We now have a clear picture of normal and good application behaviour.

Some highlights:

  • easy install - minutes
  • real time data
  • responsive support
The last aspect is worthy of note - trying the developer mode on one of our apps caused a graceful failure - NewRelic didn't show up because of some gnarly routing in our app. I dropped the guys at NewRelic a quick email expecting a response in 24 hours (perfectly adequate IMHO). 10 Minutes later I had feedback and a resolution in a little while longer - awesome speed guys!

As we like to act on data, this app rules - now we have the data and can operate on our apps with greater precision than we thought possible.

I seriously recommend NewRelic if you want to know your Rails app inside and out.

Credit has to go to both partners in this venture - EngineYard has always delivered kick ass hosting and support for Moneyspyder and now EngineYard and NewRelic together help us deliver world class performing and scaling Rails applications to our clients.

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