Friday 16 October 2009

Moneyspyder at the Google Global GAAC Summit 2009

Doug Hall, Moneyspyder's CTO is currently 'recovering' from three fantastic, intense, entertaining and revealing days at the 2009 Google GAAC, WOAC Global Summit at Google's Crittenden Lane campus in San Francisco, California.

'Recovering', yes but not in a negative sense. The breadth and depth of subjects covered was breath taking. A summary of the highlights:

Day 1 - WOAC Day

  • Dan Siroker described how his team on Braka Obama's election campaign used data to help win the election

  • Website Optimiser - The current and future of WO and Google's complimentary products. (NDA prevents disclosure at this time)

  • Tim Ash presented his conversion Ninja;s toolbox

  • Cocktails and dinner @ Google

Day 2 - GAAC Day 1

  • The highlight of the day, keynote address by Avinash Kaushik. Blunt, insightful, worrying but overall, truly inspiring

  • The current state of the art of Google Analytics closely followed by what the (very exciting) future holds for GA

  • Fellow GAACs presented case studies for tools and techniques that they have pioneered and enabled them to deliver value to their clients. Moneyspyder will be presenting next year!

Day 3 - GAAC Day 2

  • Google's Chief Economist, Hal Varian described how Google's fantastic body of data can be married to statistical modelling techniques to provide forecasting mechanisms - utterly mind blowing. The equations were just sublime ;-)

  • Google's Partner Program team described the incredible growth of the GAAC and WOAC program. Moneyspyder has long been pat of these programs and can attest to the value that Google bring to their partners. A truly awesome effort and a well deserved 'honorary GAAC' award for Alan Wrafter!

  • The GA API subject is a crucial one. A presentation and a breakout session yielded magnificent value. The open forum breakout session was a refreshing change to the powerpoint/QA format and a lively discussion ensued.

Now, this summary is deliberately light on detail. In a short while we will be discussing more about the 2009 GAAC summit content on this blog - NDA prevents further detail but the wait will be worth it - F.A.C.T.

Watch this space!

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