Monday 1 June 2009

Moneyspyder joins Website Optimiser Accredited Consultant Programme

This week, Moneyspyder became a Google Website Optimiser Authorised Consultant (WOAC), having proven both to our clients and to Google that we can make e-commerce sites work better and make more money.

Moneyspyder offers a full range of services introducing businesses to the power of on-line split testing all using Google's extremely powerful and free-to-use A/B & Multi-variate testing framework. These services, designed for companies of all sizes and technical abilities, aim to accelerate our clients from simple yet powerful one-off tests to strategic continuous-improvement-testing.

'Efficient sales and cost-effective growth are the key priorities for e-commerce companies, especially in these challenging economic times', suggests James Aston, Managing Director or Moneypsyder. 'For many people this means doing more with what you've already got, rather than buying up competitors or launching new sites, and this is where Google products come into a league of their own. Gaining insights from Google Analytics and then driving improvements through Website Optimiser can sustain growth in even the most stagnant market conditions'.

About Moneyspyder: Moneyspyder develops and hosts state-of-the-art ecommerce solutions and continuously improves the customer experience using web analytics, split-testing and regular site enhancements. Having qualified as Google Analytics Authorised Consultants at the start of 2009, we have continued to demonstrate high quality results using Google products. Now, having also recently added three Adwords Qualified Individuals, we are able to demonstrate consistently high ROI for multiple clients in customer acquisition as well as conversion and analytics.

About Google Website Optimiser:
Website Optimiser, Google’s free website testing and optimisation tool, allows you to increase the value of your existing websites and traffic without spending a penny. Using Website Optimiser to test and optimise site content and design, you can quickly and easily increase revenue and ROI, whether you’re new to marketing or an expert.

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