Friday 30 November 2012

Three Lessons From ECMOD 2012

This week we went along to ECMOD, a Direct Commerce Show, in Islington's Business Design Centre. It's a great opportunity to meet multi-channel suppliers, business owners and to drink coffee with our clients.

Here are three themes that I noted, worth sharing with you -
  • Don't panic, the Christmas peak hasn't happened yet - Data suggests that Christmas peak sales will be Monday 3rd December, not 10th December, but that the Christmas 'rush' has not started for anybody yet, later every year...
  • Abandoned Basket follow up programmes are key - If you don't have an abandonned basket programme now is the time to implement one. Get your spare warehouse resource to phone abandonned baskets and offer a 10% discount code if products are bought within 48 hourse. In some cases this has improved conversion by 300%.
  • A mobile friendly site is now essential for maximising conversion rates - We recommend active HTML templates for mobile devices. If you don't have one stick it on your to-do list for early next year.
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