Tuesday 20 November 2012

Universal Analytics For Multi-Channel & Ecommerce Businesses

Last week Moneyspyder were in Mountain View, California, for the annual Google Analytics Partner Summit to hear about what’s newest in Analytics.

The biggest announcement was about the move to ‘Universal Analytics’ – This is a giant step forward in how we look at data and makes what we see in Analytics much more relevant to what customers actually do on our sites.

The key takeaways for Universal Analytics are:
  1. 1. Measure customers across multiple devices – Increasingly online shoppers are accessing ecommerce sites across multiple touchpoints. We browse on mobiles, tablets, social networks, laptops and work PCs. Universal Analytics is going to make it much easier to link these visits together to get a much better picture of the customer journey. This is a crucial move towards tracking people rather than visits.
  2. 2. Improved Mobile Tracking – You can now use GA to track mobile apps and Universal Analytics will improve integration of mobile tracking.
  3. 3. Upload data from your CRM and other databases – You can now sync valuable (but anonomised) data from your customer databases which will allow you to dig even deeper into your customer behaviour. It takes Google Analytics one step closer to being a one-stop shop for data analysis.
  4. 4. Upload cost data – You can also upload cost data from CSV files which means you can get ROI figures for all your channels in one place.
Who Is It For?

While many of the Universal Analytics features are aimed at Enterprise size businesses, the savvy ecommerce manager of a multi-channel business will take full advantage of what Universal Analytics has to offer. 

At the moment UA is still in Beta Testing but will be rolled out to all users over the coming months. The great news is that existing Google Analytics users will not need to make any changes to their existing code.

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