Wednesday 12 February 2014

Top Five Ecommerce Articles for February 2014

January flew by and we can't believe it's already February. Here's our round up of the best Ecommerce articles from the first month or so of the year, giving us a broader picture of what 2014 is shaping up to look like for online retailers.

1. 33 Mind Shattering Email Marketing Statistics You Know Need to Know in 2014 - Mind shattering indeed. Read here.

2. Building SEO-Focused Pages to Serve People and Topics Rather than Keywords and Rankings - Good overview of optimising landing pages for SEO. Read here.

3. Four Types of Content Every Site Needs - How many types of content does your site have? Compare it here.

4. Matt Cutts Declares the Death of Guest Blogging for SEO - The topic on everyone's lips when it comes to SEO. Read here.

5. YouTube Marketing and Analytics: A Primer for Magnificent Success - YouTube advertising is getting much easier, and much easier to do badly. Read tips here.

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The only thing we can't help with this February is finding you a date for Valentine's Day...

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