Monday 29 October 2007

How Moneyspyder increased's sales 2

Acquisition Strategy

DC4U had focused on email as the primary customer acquisition route with a large initial effort in building a database of email addresses. There were, of course issues with the organisation of the database during this initial push:
  • Source tracking

  • Identifying cost per acquisition

  • Generating data on email performance

  • Segmentation

  • Platform robustness
Moneyspyder's analytics guru, Dr. Mike Baxter cast his expert eye over the data James had gathered and through in-depth analysis and a collective effort was able to provide the crucial answers to the questions regarding email performance, organisation of the data and the cost per acquisition.

...and that's useful 'how' exactly?

These answers on their own yielded crucial insight into the email campaign performance but coupling these answers with strategic insight has enabled DC4U to know what emails perform, to understand why the emails perform, to target customers, product ranges and promotions specifically and to know based on hard evidence that the money spent on a campaign will yield the expected return on investment.

Ultimately, the sales figures speak for themselves - 128% increase in sales revenue in 4 months.

Next, we'll look at the Moneyspyder ecommerce platform in more depth, why it works well for DC4U and how the inherent flexibility has been capitalised to add to the efforts discussed so far.

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