Friday 26 July 2013

Best Ecommerce Articles from Around the Web - July Edition

Just in case you were looking for some light weekend reading we thought we would share some of the most useful articles and blog posts we've read this month.

So if you need a bit of inspiration to bump up your site conversion, or to help you think smarter thoughts about your marketing strategy, look no further:

1. Ecommerce Customer Service Lessons From America - Great tips from the land of customer service. Read here.
2. 12 Useful Tips for Webform Optimisation - No list like this would be complete without something about making your checkout better. Read here.
3. See, Think, Do - A Content, Marketing, Measurement Business Framework  - Simplify how you think about your business by reading this complicated article. Read here.
4. 25 Mindblowing Email Marketing Stats - Use these numbers to improve your email campaigns. Read here.
5. Top 10 Retargeting Tips Guide - A simple checklist to make sure your retargeting is on the right track. Read here.

If you need help with any of the above areas - best practice design, online marketing strategy, retargeting or email marketing - take a look at our site to see what we do, or drop us an email.

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