Wednesday 10 April 2013

James Aston to Speak at Sheerluxe Ecommerce Conference

The Sheerluxe Ecommerce Conference is a great way to meet and learn from other luxury brands and their suppliers. This year James Aston, our MD, will be speaking on the role of common sense and discipline in increasing conversion rates.

Just think about how many things you know you should do but haven't - How many of these things are you avoiding doing because you're unsure of the data? Or because you simply haven't got around to it yet? What is on that list? Abandoned checkout emails, customer reviews, mobile templates, Google Product feeds are all things that can easily slip off the agenda but are guaranteed to increase conversion rates.

We believe that one of the biggest ways we add value to our clients is by helping to instil discipline and by making sure that common sense solutions don't fall by the wayside.

Here's what James is speaking on:

  • Five things you should have done last year, but haven't.
  • Why discipline will make you more money than technology.
  • Optimising your advisers - Are agencies worth it?

You can see more about our ecommerce consulting here and read more about Sheerluxe here.

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