Tuesday 21 January 2014

Was your Christmas 2013 better than Christmas 2012?

For many retail businesses most revenue is generated between October and December. If you do one thing in January, make sure you take time to review last quarter's performance compared to the Q4-2012.

Did you have more visitors from all channels? Was revenue up from all traffic sources? And what about other key metrics; average order value, email list size, site speed, international sales? If you've seen a decline in any of these areas you now have plenty of time to put things right, especially as improving some of these things won't happen overnight. Growing an email list that is engaged with your brand, for example, is much more valuable at Christmas time than a list you bought in October to squeeze some last minute sales out of your site.

We've been sitting down with our clients with our one-page Christmas review and helping them set a strategy to exceed last year's numbers in all areas and address any missing links. We have been helping clients perfect their Analytics reportingonline marketing strategy - including email, PPC and SEO - as well as solving technical problems and advancing theirecommerce platform capabilities.

This year we built Flowercard a mobile template which increased mobile
conversion rate by 39% - What can you do to maximise sales this year?

If you would like us to put together our one-page Christmas review for your business email us at info@moneyspyder.co.uk or call 0207 492 1929.

Happy New Year!

The MoneySpyder Team

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