Thursday 9 January 2014

The 2013 Round Up

As 2014 is now upon us we wanted to update you all on 2013 at MoneySpyder. What better way to do that than with a round up of our case studies, drawn from platform and consulting clients? Here are our top three case studies from the year:
  1. Checkout optimisation has always been the quickest way to increase conversion rates - We launched a new site for Bodie and Fou in August and have seen a 50% increase in conversion rate through their improved checkout.
  2. Shopping Feeds started dominating Google Search results in 2013. At MoneySpyder we have seen a dramatic improvement in results for Google Shopping since they introduced Product Listing Ads. Google Shopping accounts for between 20%-50% of all traffic for some of our clients and converts at upwards of 6%.
  3. Responsive Mobile Templates have been on the agenda all year. In February we launched a mobile template for Flowercard and saw a 39% increase in conversion ratesthrough mobile. See our best practice mobile guide here. Mobile isn't going anywhere - In December about a third of all traffic to our client's sites was via a mobile device, with John Lewis saying that Christmas Day will be the cross-over point where mobile.
We've been busy building websites as well. Among others, we've launched and
If you are interested in increasing your conversion rate by 50%, adding a mobile template or increasing your traffic from Google Shopping, give us a call on 0207 492 1929 or email us at

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